SOAP? Who needs SOAP? (we all do)

  No one likes to write charts. Not really. Sure some hate it less than others, but between writing charts and being out there on the streets, writing charts loses. Well, on one site or another, someone was once again asking how should he/she write a chart. Everyone chimed in, not a few recommending the most painful, […]

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What is a “Slovis Drill”?

NOTE: This originally was published on my old blog page in 2013.  Every FTO has a “bag of tricks”. Little things that they pull out of their butt that can save a trainee from certain career-ending doom.  I have quite a few. I have mapping tests and drills, mandatory books to read, about 20 Gigs of medical […]

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The Vacancy of Death

Note: This post originally appeared in my original blog in 2013. It is one of my favorites, so I reposted it here. I am a paramedic, and I am scared of the dead. Truly afraid. Not the “Ewww, I think I might hurl because it smells bad” type of fear. True fear. I have to […]

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The Vomitkin and me. A love story.

NOTE: This post was originally published in my old blog April 2017. OK, hopefully, if you are ANYWHERE on the FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) internet, you have heard of SALAD and esophageal diversion. In the off chance you have not, I have some links to some excellent overviews below at the end of […]

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